Introduction to Chaos SphereEdit

Chaos sphere is a condense ball of chaos, struck with this, it can cause random effects, usually messing with certain energy types, constrcut programming and energy links.

How to perform chaos sphere?Edit

Focus on the random events, and the chances of something to happen. Make an energy ball and project those random effects into the ball, programming it to emit that 'distortion'. Striking with this will corode the target, and mess with it's energy types.

A bit more into Chaos

Chaos is usually undefinied. It is always related to instability though. For an energy type to be stable, it's energy signature coding has to be clear, and the tune/frequency of the energy signatures have to syncronize with eachother. A more advanced mage can alter the energy singanture to 'not fit' , thus make the code of that energy hardly understandable. An even more advanced mage can alter the frequency of the code by itself, thus making the energy signatures not even react to any outer programming.

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