The Three Level of MagicEdit

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advance

Level 1: BasicEdit

In order to use magic at a basic level you must understand the three core concepts.

  • Intent
  • Willpower
  • Belief


If you do not have set intent then the magic will lack an ending goal. That is, it will have no point to it and thus become useless.


Willpower powers most of the magic. It is willpower that allows you to create a strong magic. Without willpower the magic is weak and hardly does anything.


Belief is the belief in your magic and that it can do what you want it to do. Without that inherent belief in your capability of performing that magic it will dwindle to nothing.

Level 2: IntermediateEdit

At an Intermediate level it is important for the utilization of three core concepts.

  • Focus
  • Sensing
  • Shaping


Focus becomes very important in casting magic at the intermediate level. While it is good to have intent, willpower, and belief, focus will allow you to have a greater control over your magic, allowing you to direct the magic to where it should go rather than it going everywhere.


Sensing allows you to sense the situation and what is needed, so you can use your magic in a more efficient manner. Helping prevent overusing power and using a minimal amount of what is needed. Without sensing/awareness you could be effectively "using an elephant to get rid of ants."


Shaping allows you to shape the magic you are using. For example, turning it into an arrow or a blade to accentuate the way it behaves. For example a blade would not be as effective in healing, neither will a sprinkling of dust be use effectively as an attack.

Level 3: AdvanceEdit

In Advance level of Magic it is important to understand the three concepts.

  • Knowing
  • Understanding
  • Becoming


Knowing goes into knowing what the magic you are casting is. Is it light? Dark? Pain? Pleasure? Calm? Conflict? ect, etc, etc. Knowing the magic means you know what to do with it and how to counter it.


Understanding is understanding how the magic in itself works. Like light. Yes it is light, and it is a healing type. But how does it go into healing? An effective understanding allows you to use the magic efficiently, with the greatest effect and minimal loss of energy.


Becoming/being is the act of being/becoming the magic in itself. You are the magic, and the magic is you. The magic is merely an extension of you. Your intent, willpower, belief, focus, sensing, shaping, knowing, and understanding it is all of these and more.  By becoming/being the magic you understand that if you use it incorrectly then it is likely that there will be ramifications towards you. You become more responsible with magic and thus know the when, how, what, who, where, and why.

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